Style Tips


Deck The Walls carries hundreds of frames in different woods, styles, colors, and finishes.  At Deck The Walls we are trained in the “rules” of how to choose an appropriate frame.  Here are some of the things that we will keep in mind as we work with you on your project.


Size – the trick to making any size frame “work” with a piece is to control the proportions with matting.  A wide frame requires more matting than a narrow frame.  A solid background (shown left) requires a wider frame for balance.

Style – the color, subject matter, and tone of your art will all point you toward an appropriate selection of frames.  The frame should continue to carry the “message” of the art.  If you feel what you’re framing doesn’t really have a message, use the décor of the room in which the piece will hang as your guide.

Type – wood frames will look good on almost any piece of art.  We use walnut, cherry, oak, ash, basswood, poplar, and pine – all domestic woods – in our frames.  Stained wood can be plain, carved, simple or ornate.  And, many wood frames are available in lacquer finishes, faux finishes, and gold or sliver leaf.  We also carry metal frames, which work well with certain décor, or with modern pieces and posters.