Style Tips


Hanging your art in just the right place at just the right height will help complete the look you’re after.  There are many ways you can display art these days.  Long gone are the traditional displays of one piece over your mantel or couch.  Today’s trends lend to multiple pieces displayed in unique patterns.  Here are a few rules of display which you can use when decorating.

When hanging art down a staircase or in a hallway:


 NOTE:  Lighter colored images and frames toward the top.

When creating an arrangement over a mantle, couch, and/or credenza you want to follow one of the following patterns:


Designing and hanging a wall arrangement can be challenging, and leave you with a wall full of nail holes.  To determine the right placement:

  • Trace the outline of each piece onto newspaper or Kraft paper (kitchen grocery bags also work well) and cut out.

  • Number the cutouts and artwork to correspond with one another.

  • Arrange the pieces of paper on the wall, securing lightly with tape.  Move the papers around until you are satisfied with the arrangement.

  • Measure the placement of the hangers on your framed art and mark each piece of paper accordingly.

  • Hammer your nails or install picture hangers in the wall, then remove the paper diagrams.

  • Hang your art arrangement and enjoy!